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Position Supply Chain Assistant
Branch: Cairo, Obour City

Job Description
1. Reconcile physically all supply chain products with that of invoices and supply documents.
2. Do the purchase orders process
3. Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports.
4. Prepare invoices and documentation of products to be supplied to customers.
5. Perform physical stock checks in a stockroom setting.
6. Check and examine quality of materials before arranging dispatches through supply chains.
7. Supply materials on time to meet production schedules and deadlines.
8. Troubleshoot and resolve customer issues relating to supply of products.
9. Check, inspect and manage material returns from customers.
10. Document all materials return records to troubleshoot quality issues.
11. Develop and maintain a filing system.
12. Update and maintain office policies and procedures.

Job Requirements
1. Male.
2. 1-3 years of experience.
3. Good knowledge of English language.
4. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is the must.
5. Time management skills.
6. Multi-tasking skills.

To apply, kindly send your updated CV to [email protected] subjected with the title mentioned.

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