Kuwait , KUWAIT | Operations | Oil & Gas / Energy / Petrochemicals
Experience : 3 -7 years
Gender : Male
Age : 20 -35 years
Languages : English | Very good
Salary: Negotiable

Job description :
– To operates and manages process parameters of number of units at the same time. Controlling flow, temperature, flow at various processes within the plant etc. through DCS Operating System to achieve the required production rate for both crude oil and gas at targeted specification of the plant.
– Operates process plant as efficiently and safely as possible, to maintain quality of products required in area of responsibility Monitors and hecks levels, pressures, temperatures and flows to maintain control of the units Ensures production targets for units are met Ensures operational and maintenance requirements are carried out with the co-operation of the field operator Start up and shutdown units in a safe manner and in accordance with Company procedures Responds to abnormal conditions and plant upsets Gives and receives an effective andover Monitors and coordinates the designated operation from Control Panel, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Includes maintaining continuous contact with various areas of the entire Plant to keep them informed of overall operating conditions.

– Includes continuous monitoring of instruments and equipment, making field adjustments according to process parameters as required.
– Maintains continuous radio contact / paging system with Operator-II to keep them informed of operating conditions to request manual adjustments of Equipment, to carry out on-site readings and convey instructions given by shift leader process Engr.
– Alters operating conditions or product flows to allow prior isolation of equipment for maintenance and re-commences operations according to procedures, following completion of maintenance. Keeps himself aware of ongoing maintenance work by reviewing permit to work records/logs.
Determines developing trends in operating conditions, reporting significant changes and initiating action as required.

– Responsible for the support of Company Safety, environment and Quality policies and programs, and carrying out specific duties and responsibilities related to his job as spelled out in Management Systems Manual, Safety Manual, Company HSEMS procedures and other related documents.
– Ensuring the security of company assets by operating in a safe and efficient manner.
– Compliance with the Safety Management System and the Emergence response plan of the company.
– Monitoring, control and reaction to the process control, emergency shutdown and Fire and Gas System.
– Applies process isolation under the direction of Area Authority and as per the Company standards procedures.
– Control and monitoring of hydrocarbon process plant and utility system.
– Initiating emergency shutdown of process and utility system during abnormal operation, or as a result of an emergency situation on the Installation.
– Initiating appropriate action in the event of process and utility system alarms and trips.
– Monitoring and recording of key parameters through a log book.
– Reads through logbook at beginning of each shift and familiarizes himself with the operational changes and course of actions to be followed, and log all activists during his shift
– Monitors plants/ units and related auxiliaries manually or through control panels with microprocessor unit, caries out the necessary adjustment to ensure proper operation performance
– Inspect and / or instruct shift process enginer to check plants/ units and related auxiliaries conditions regularly and decide on course of action to be taken in case of malfunction or upset. This includeds conduction regular tours and calling maintenance if required
– Ensure that the plant production rates and specification are met, caries out adjustment as required, arrange for taking samples in accordance with established schedules and as and when required. Seeks the process engineer’s advice for the course of action during up normal conditions
Commissions and de-commissions dehydration/desalting plant and related auxiliaries, in accordance with established procedures. Ensure that optimum desalting results are achieved by adding the optimum dosage rate of various chemi9cals to wet crude or chemical storage tanks. The same shall be applied for other systems within the plants as highlighted above.

– Commissions and decommissions dry / wet and Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) and prepare wells for test utilizing MPFM.
– Monitors the wells parameters and operates as required manually or through remote control system as applicable.
– Issues hot and cold work permits, carries out gas free test and issues certificate within assigned location and ensure that such work is – adequately supervised and fire and safety roles are adhered to put plant in operation after completion of maintenance.
– Carries out routine daily and weekly checks on stand-by equipment to ensure proper working conditions, includes starting fire pumps, submersible pumps of brackish water wells, and black start generator, etc.
– Participate in conducting test / analyzes as required, logs result.
– Ensure strict control of water quality and quantity delivered to destinations by conduction frequent checks in flow meters and directing / taking analysis samples on established schedules. Responsible for ensuring that “off-spec” water is never injected to protect the well plugging by corrosion.

– Performs other related duties such as maintaining daily log, data and test sheet, making various calculations, supervising the supply of sweet crude oil, sweet gas and molten Sulphur to local consumers, reporting discharged extinguisher, checking CO2 bottles, carrying out spot checks on wells, manifolds, flare systems and areas, water wells, source and injection wells.
– Preparing daily and monthly reports on running hours, outstanding maintenance works and stocks of chemicals and lob oil and other consumables may require for the plants process Should be able to complete assigned jobs in day duty/shift duty without direct supervision
Diploma in Chemical, Mechanical, Instrumentation engineering
Knowledge in operation of computers such as MS Office / Excel / Word, etc.
Should be able to speak and write fluent English
4-7 years in the plant operation of sour crude oil and sour gas wells & crude oil and gas sweeting facilities.

if interested, please send your CV to:
[email protected]
mentioning “job title” in the subject line.
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