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Hiring: Marketing Director
New Cairo
Here’s what an ordinary day looks like, you will:
• Capitalize on our market leadership to find opportunities for increased bookings
• Analyze the current status of bookings of the different services in the market and tackling as many Hurdles and bottlenecks as possible.
• Create an enduring brand message that results in increased sales, brand loyalty and improving market share.
• Work closely with all parts of the company to ensure commercial goals of the brand are met.
• Develop and sustaining strong working relationships with all stakeholders.
• Plan marketing activation campaigns that would move the bookings needle for a certain segment or product
• Develop high quality and effective marketing materials that align correctly with the overall brand strategy.
• Seek out new marketing opportunities that fit with the brand and maximizing all opportunities for growth.

You’re going to need this to carry out this job:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising or related field.
• 10+ years’ experience in marketing whether digital marketing, product marketing or trade marketing.
• Full understanding of the product and provider and consumer life-cycle
• Female preferred
Kindly Send your resume to [email protected]


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