The Employer’s 10th Employment Fair

The Employer’s 10th Employment Fair October 28 – October 29

The Employer’s Employment Fair is a very special event that focuses on gathering both the most prominent Employers and the most qualified Job seekers in one place. Our main aim is to help job seekers find a suitable job and help employers fill in their vacancies with a suitable candidate.

The Employer’s Employment Fair kicked off in 2009 and was held on yearly basis in different locations to reach as many candidates as possible. The fair takes place in October right giving a chance for newly graduates to enjoy their summer vacation first before their job hunt. It also focuses on assisting middle management levels in finding a different career path.

Our main mission is to lessen the huge gap found in the market between job seekers and job providers
Timing: October 28 – October 29
Location: Tolip Hotel El Narges
El Narges El Tagamo3 El 5amis, Almaza, Al Qahirah, Egypt
Event Link:
Register Link:
Organized BY: The Employer Magazine
Phone : 01019447641 /46 /53

سجل الان فى الملتقى التوظيفى العاشر “The Employer’s 10th Employment Fair”
موعد الملتقى: 28 و29 اكتوبر 2016
مكان الملتقى: فندق توليب النرجس بالتجمع الخامس
رابط الملتقى :
رابط التسجيل :
المنظم : The Employer Magazine
تليفون : 01019447641 /46 /53

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